Rules and the Radio

Rules and the Radio

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Rules and regulations around flying an aircraft have evolved and continue to evolve to promote safe aviation. The legal responsibilities of the private pilot begin long before getting in an aircraft and continue for as long as you are a pilot. All aspects are covered from licencing requirements to meteorological minima, with minimal legal jargon and many practical examples as well as useful references to help you make better aviation decisions. There is some cross over in contents with Flight Radio material and these shared subject chapters (marked with *Air Law), should be studied for both examinations.


The radio of an aircraft is an essential piece of equipment on board an aircraft that enables communication. Procedures for its use need to be well known and rehearsed so that messages are clear and understandable. Principles of the equipment, troubleshooting problems and aviation radiotelephony phraseology are some the key topics covered in this subject. It is the theoretical background required to go on and get some real-life practice and experience using flight radio.