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Learning to fly is an exciting adventure and challenge. Learning aviation theory is part of that. To help you on that journey we wanted to create the most modern, concise, and beautifully presented aviation theory guides out there.

The hurdle of the theory examinations should be turned into a stepping stone of knowledge. There are many aspects of aviation theory that are tested in six subjects of the New Zealand PPL syllabus. Each subject and it's component topics can be studied in exhaustive detail, much of which is excessive to the private pilot and detracts from the important points. So, we cut it right down and earned you the benefit of focus. 

No prior knowledge is assumed and we build up all material in a logical and progressive way. The question and answer conversational style helps you understand and remember the information we present. We want to make reading fun and engaging and as well as aid instructors around the country help you study towards exams. 
Happy learning. Onwards and upwards.



The exams are conducted as multiple choice exams on behalf of the CAA by Aspeq Ltd (Link click here).

Things to note:

  • Computer based - the questions and answers are submitted via an online system at the exam venue. 
  • Exam locations are published online on the Aspeq Ltd. website 
  • Pass mark for exams is 70%
  • Knowledge Deficiency Reports (KDRs) - unless you get 100%, a KDR will be produced for your exam. This needs to be shown to your flight instructor and discussed. You need to demonstrate an appropriate level of knowledge in those areas which you were incorrect in the exam. This is usually done by written submission and discussion with your instructor, who signs them off. You are unable to sit a flight test if there are KDRs outstanding. 

Exam Tips

  • Register early for an account and book your exam date early to ensure you get the date and time you wish
  • Double check your exam location and route the night prior
  • Turn up in good time
  • Get a good nights
  • Make sure you bring valid photographic ID on the day
  • Flag questions which you unsure about and come back to them later 
  • Pay attention to the time remaining for the exam and get through all the questions. There is a countdown at the bottom of the page. 
  • Check your answers at the end of the exam - it is very easy to check the wrong box by accident and lose unnecessary marks!